Frequently Asked Security System Questions

So how does cellular alarm monitoring work with Premier Security?....

A Premier Security technician adds an LTE cellular radio to your existing security system or with your purchase of a new security system. When the alarm goes off, a wireless signal is sent to our 24HR central station monitoring facility letting us know activity has happened at the home or business. Premier Security operators will then call and verify the alarm with the homeowner or business on a predesignated call list and dispatch authorities if necessary.  24 Hours a day,  365 days a year

How Reliable is Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

Premier Security's cellular alarm monitoring provides the most secure, fastest alarm transmission possible and has redundant built in technology to ensure communication to our UL Georgia central station monitoring facility.

What Happens if I lose Power to my Home?

LTE cellular alarm monitoring uses a backup battery to ensure functional communication during a power loss.

Why should I use cellular alarm monitoring?

Not only is cellular alarm monitoring much cheaper over the long term than carrying a home telephone line plus traditional alarm monitoring services, it also eliminates the worry of burglar cutting the exterior phone line and defeating a traditional alarm system.

How will I Be Notified If I am Just Doing Cellular Alarm Monitoring?

Once an alarm condition occurs, Premier Security central station operators will attempt to notify you on a predesignated call list. Typically our operators might call wife's cell then husband's cell prior to sending authorities. This is custom set for each homeowners preference.

Is the LTE radio a complete security system?

No, the LTE cellular radio that provides cellular alarm monitoring is an add on to an existing security system or is added onto a new security system purchase. It allows the security system to send wireless alarm communication to the central station.

Will Cellular Alarm Monitoring work on the security system I already have?

Premier Security has an LTE (AT&T) or LTE (Verizon) radio available for just about every security system on the market. Because we specialize in monitoring all existing security systems, we have the right product lines to get your existing security system protected with cellular alarm monitoring.

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Premier Security has the best new home security system technology available with LTE networks and the fastest alarm monitoring response time in the industry. Our mission is keeping your family protected and your possessions safe and secure.
Premier Security is an authorized dealer for wireless alarm monitoring communication with Uplink, Telguard, Honeywell's Alarmnet services, and Starlink.
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