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Easily switch former Ackerman now ADT existing Alula security systems and Alula Cameras

existing Alula security system slimline touchscreen keypad mounted on wall
Easily Switch Your Security System Monitoring: Premier Security Inc.'s Takeover Solution for Alula and Honeywell Systems from Former Ackerman Customers now with ADT Security system companies selling their accounts  can ...

How to Switch Your Security Alarm Monitoring Company in 5 Easy Steps

home protected with image of Premier Security Inc. yardsign with police, fire and medical dispatch images
How to Switch Your Security Alarm Monitoring Company to Premier Security Inc. in 5 Easy Steps  Your safety and security should never be compromised. If you're considering making the switch ...

East Cobb home and business security systems

Video Surveillance app with touchscreen keypad installed on wall by Premier Security Inc. in East Cobb GA
Premier Security Inc: Your Trusted Security System Partner in East Cobb In the beautiful neighborhoods of East Cobb, Georgia, where safety and security are vital, Premier Security Inc. stands as ...

10 Home Security Tips

10 Home Security Tips by Premier Security Inc.
  10 Home Security Tips For Protecting What Matters Most  In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of your home and loved ones is a top priority for homeowners. ...

Honeywell Home Security Installed by Premier Security Inc.

Honeywell home seccurity product line installed by Premier Security an authorized installer in Marietta Georgia
Honeywell Home Security systems In an ever-evolving world, security is paramount for every homeowner. Protecting your loved ones and property is not just a luxury but a necessity. One way ...

What is an Affordable Home Security System Monthly Rate in Today’s Economy?

Affordable Home Security Monthly Rate in Today's economy with Premier Security
Why has security system monthly rates jumped so high? Inflation in today’s economy has led homeowners and small business owners to find a way to reduce overall monthly costs. Finding ...

Need an authorized local Alula Dealer and installer?

Premier Security Inc. offers the full line of products from Alula Security
Premier Security is Atlanta's authorized local Alula Dealer and installer!     If you have an existing Alula home security system or Alula camera or automation system and you are ...

Home Security Systems Atlanta

Happy homeowner with a new home security system installed in Atlanta by Premier Security Inc.
Home Security Systems in Atlanta - Same Rate since 2007 You read that right. We’ve had the same monitoring rate since 2007. That’s over 15 years! We’ve NEVER raised our ...

Ladders in the backyard; Not good for home security

Home Security Tip
Ladders left in the back yard; Not good for home security at all. We always want our clients to have better home security, so this post is just in case ...

Veterans rock

We love veterans and police officers and firefighters at Premier Security. Veterans rock!
 "Honoring Those Who Serve: Premier Security Inc.'s Commitment to Veterans" At Premier Security Inc., we understand the sacrifices made by our veterans in service to our nation. That's why we're ...

3G and CDMA cellular radio replacement

3G and CDMA cellular radio replacement I received a letter/email about a 3G/CDMA cellular radio replacement and update for my alarm system. What do I need to do?  If you received a letter or ...

Local home security system company vs. national

wireless alarm monitoring with homecontrol flex by Premier Security
Why choose a local home security system company like Premier Security Inc vs. a larger national security system company? Other than the obvious of supporting a local Marietta,GA business, why ...

Reactivate and use existing home security system

No Contract Existing Home Security System Monitoring
Have you just moved into a new residence and you’re wondering what to do with the pre-installed wired home security system? One of the questions that come to mind is, ...

Use Cellular alarm monitoring not WIFI alarm monitoring

Use LTE cellular alarm monitoring not stand alone WIFI or broadband alarm monitoring for a more secure connection. Why? In our opinion, LTE cellular alarm monitoring is better overall security. ...

Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI, 6280 and 6290W backlighting issue

The Honeywell Tuxedo Touch is an amazing keypad that offers a sleek aesthetic profile and brings together all of your home and business smart technology together with an easy to ...

Helping Protect Your Homes Valuables

Did you know that 65% of home burglaries happen between the hours of 6am and 6pm with the highest occurrences happening between 10am and 3pm! 34% of home invasions happen ...

Why no contract with security systems?

No Contract Existing Home Security System Monitoring
No Contract for a very good reason. Why no contract with security systems? Many home and business security system monitoring companies require customers to sign contracts of 3-5 years in ...

10 Easy Steps to Test Your Security System and Fire Alarm Devices

10 easy tips to Testing Your Security System at keypad by Premier Security Inc.
Test your security system once a month. The importance of doing this cannot be stressed enough. Most customers of security companies either don't know this or forget about doing it. ...

Alarm Monitoring with No phone pure wireless communication!

Many consumers are dropping their traditional home telephone line (POTS) and still have a need for alarm monitoring. The affordability of cell phone use has made this a popular action ...

Protection is a must in this economy!

Do something, even if you decide not to get a home security system. As a technician, I am seeing so many burglaries it is unbelievable. This is when customers call ...

Premier Security is protecting more homes and businesses in Atlanta,GA

After review, Premier Security is excited to announce that our new customer acquisition doubled in year 2010 from year 2009. The advent of an affordable wireless alarm monitoring solution offered ...

Total Connect from Honeywell by Premier Security

Finally, interactive security technology has become more affordable on home security systems and business security systems. For the last twenty five years security systems have relatively stayed the same. Door ...

Broadband Internet Alarm Monitoring

Premier Security is excited to announce implementation of internet alarm monitoring with a broadband connection for homeowners and business security systems without a phone line or as a redundancy communication ...

Significant rise in burglaries & home invasions in East Cobb, Alpharetta Milton areas, Roswell & Johns Creek

Some of the below stated comes directly from police and news reports and some comes from what we are experiencing out in the field. Many times when a new customer ...

No Contract Security Monitoring

Why does Premier Security offer No Contract Security Monitoring? At Premier Security, our policy of no contract alarm monitoring reflects  a level of commitment to service excellence.  If you have ...

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