Testing your security system in Atlanta, GA


Test your security system once a month.

The importance of doing this cannot be stressed enough. Most customers of security companies either don’t know this or forget about doing it.

*For your security system monitoring to work, your security system must remain hooked in to a working land line, alarm radio device, alarm cell device or alarm broadband connection.

To often customers might switch their phone carrier or type of phone service and not think to test the security system with the new phone service.

Security systems fail to communicate because of switching the new provider of phone service all the time!

****This is especially important if you switch from a traditional POTS phone provider to a broadband connection. (Cable based phone service or VOIP monitoring)

First and most important, call the central monitoring station of your security provider and put your security system on test.

Now arm your security system and wait 2 minutes for the security system to arm before walking around your house. Some wireless components will take a setup time before they actually function.

Open some or all doors and windows that have security contacts one at a time. walk in front of your motions and the siren should go off.

Enter in your code and silence the security system.

Now call the central station and check your signals. They should be able to tell you exactly which zones were breached and the time frame they received the signals.
If no signals are received call your security company’s service department and schedule service on the security system immediately.

Periodically you want to check all protected windows and doors ensuring each device is working correctly. The chime feature of the security system will let you know if the device is still functional.

Test your Smoke Detectors

The easiest way to test these devices is by picking up a can of smoke from a local hardware company for just a couple of dollars. Do not spray the smoke directly on the smoke detector. Stand back about 2-3 feet. The smoke will come out wet from the can and clog the filter on the smoke detector if you spray to close. Make sure you reference your user manual on how to reset the smoke detector after testing it.

Find out that your security system is working as it should before a situation happens!

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