Use Cellular alarm monitoring not WIFI alarm monitoring

Use LTE cellular alarm monitoring not stand alone WIFI or broadband alarm monitoring for a more secure connection. Why? In our opinion, LTE cellular alarm monitoring is better overall security. Internet based monitoring is reliant on two things, an internet connection from your ISP provider and power present to the modem to provide service. Modem…

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Why no contract with security systems?

No Contract Existing Home Security System Monitoring

No Contract for a very good reason. Why no contract with security systems? Many home and business security system monitoring companies require customers to sign contracts of 3-5 years in order to install and monitor their security systems. There are several good reasons not to sign a contract with security system providers. 1) Companies state…

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No Contract Security Monitoring

Why does Premier Security offer No Contract Security Monitoring? At Premier Security, our policy of no contract alarm monitoring reflects  a level of commitment to service excellence.  If you have a problem, issue or concern with your security system, we resolve it right away. With No Contract Security Monitoring, ongoing customer satisfaction is the only way…

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