Veterans rock

We love veterans and police officers and firefighters at Premier Security. Veterans rock!

Premier Security is a veteran lead business and we believe veterans rock!  If you are active-duty military, a veteran of any military branch, active-duty police officer or an active-duty firefighter, Premier Security offers a 25% discount on new security system installations and one free month of alarm monitoring service annually for veterans or active duty emergency personal.…

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3G and CDMA cellular radio replacement

3G and CDMA cellular radio replacement I received a letter/email about a 3G/CDMA cellular radio replacement and update for my alarm system. What do I need to do?  If you received a letter or voicemail from Premier Security on updating your 3G / CDMA cellular radio, it is very important to update your home or business security system as soon as possible.…

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Use Cellular alarm monitoring not WIFI alarm monitoring

Use LTE cellular alarm monitoring not stand alone WIFI or broadband alarm monitoring for a more secure connection. Why? In our opinion, LTE cellular alarm monitoring is better overall security. Internet based monitoring is reliant on two things, an internet connection from your ISP provider and power present to the modem to provide service. Modem…

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