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Do something, even if you decide not to get a home security system. As a technician, I am seeing so many burglaries it is unbelievable. This is when customers call us out, after they have been burglarized.

Here are a few things you can do to secure your home better:

  • Strike plates on the rear, basement and front doors
  • Secure key deadbolts, not latch type locks
  • Replace the standard screws on your lock sets with 3″ screws that go all the way back into the 2×4, not just the trim of the doorframe
  • Shatterproof storm doors sold in big box hardware stores
  • Window film that can make your windows shatter resistant
  • People say good exterior lightning i.e. motion activated lights, however most burglaries we are seeing happen during daytime hours 10AM – 3PM
  • If you are using a home security companies alarm monitoring service, KEEP YOUR YARD SIGN FRESH AND NEW LOOKING, not faded out and broken or chipped.
  • If you are in a high risk area, protect your AC compressor on the outside of the home. Cages for these units can be purchased, we also advise to wrap units in barb wire. This may seem a bit extreme, however thieves are stealing the compressors left and right throughout the Atlanta area.
  • If your home is at the front of the subdivision, absolutely be aware that you are a higher risk for burglary and or home invasion. Easy exit.
  • Purchase a dog…nonfluffy.
  • Pin your windows, again at hardware stores relatively inexpensive or a locksmith can do this for you. This can be a fire hazard should you need to exit the window in the event of an emergency. Devastating combo if you do pins plus window film. Be aware of exit points in emergencies.
  • Do not keep your jewelry in the master bedroom. Ladies, I know this is a hassle, but keep it somewhere else in the home.

Physiologically a home invasion or burglary makes a homeowner freaked out and jumping at shadows, shocked this could happen to them. This is understandable. This only happens on the news or to other people. I always hear from customers that the burglars steal the oddest things and miss so much. What I tell customers is the burglars are probably moving so fast that this normally happens. Unfortunately, if you have been burglarized they come back many times within two weeks for everything they missed. Items typically taken are flat screen TV’s , video games and systems, laptops, jewelry, guns, iPods, liquor and oddly drinks out of your refrigerator.

The bottom line is we are seeing burglaries everywhere throughout the greater Atlanta area, not just areas we have always gone to for the last ten years. Be aware and take reasonable steps for protection. We are not advising you to have Fort Knox at your home, just a good level of security for prevention of burglaries.

Chris Anderson

Premier Security

Programming Technician

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