Premier Security is protecting more homes and businesses in Atlanta,GA


After review, Premier Security is excited to announce that our new customer acquisition doubled in year 2010 from year 2009.
The advent of an affordable wireless alarm monitoring solution offered by Premier Security has increased new customers activation s using wireless alarm monitoring to fifty percent of all new customers.

While acquisition of new homeowners and businesses is always important to Premier Security, the retention of existing customers is always our primary focus. Because Premier Security provides all alarm monitoring services with no contract, we must strive on every level to maintain customer satisfaction for retention of alarm monitoring services.

Customer retention levels for 2010 increased by five percent to one of the best levels in the security industry. New acquisitions for year 2010 came from new advertising implementations, a rise in overall property crime and home invasions and referrals from our existing customer base. Premier Security has always offered two free months of monitoring for a referral to our existing customer base.

We thank our loyal customer base for helping Premier Security to expand in the Atlanta, GA home security market and look forward to year 2011’s growth and development within our company.