Use Cellular alarm monitoring not WIFI alarm monitoring

Use LTE cellular alarm monitoring not stand alone WIFI or broadband alarm monitoring for a more secure connection. Why? In our opinion, LTE cellular alarm monitoring is better overall security.

Internet based monitoring is reliant on two things, an internet connection from your ISP provider and power present to the modem to provide service.

  1. Modem replacements can effectively kill your communication on your security system. Setup must be reconfigured with the security system.
  2. Power loss either by the modem/router coming unplugged or an area wide power loss stops communication with WIFI alarm monitoring. Each site is different, but how often is there internet outages or a loss of WIFI signal that would effectively not send alarm conditions?
  3. Setting up the security system as a network device also incurs the risk of the device being network hackable. The majority of homeowners are unaware of gateway network security setup procedures. This allows the security system to be at risk.
  4. The last negative aspect is the broadband connection runs to an outside connection point on the home. It can be cut by the would be burglar prior to entry, effectively stopping all alarm communications.

On the plus side, IP monitoring does transmit alarms at the fastest speed available.

LTE cellular alarm monitoring is incorporated directly into the security system on the inside of the home or business.

  1. It is a dedicated cellphone or cell card made specifically for the security system.
  2. The cellular device generally utilizes the security system’s backup battery in the event of a power loss, maintaining uptime on communication as long as the backup battery is rated to last.
  3. Communication is very fast and reliable with LTE alarm monitoring. Cellular towers present and working is necessary but far more reliable than ip protocols downtime and power present issues.
  4. The cellular communicator is located on the inside of the home or business and not at risk for line cut

There is scenarios where WIFI alarm monitoring can be utilized as a primary communication format with cellular alarm monitoring communication set as an automatic backup in the event of internet failure. It is costly to have two communication devices so Premier Security generally recommends LTE cellular alarm communication.

To summarize, LTE alarm communication is far more reliable and secure than broadband or WIFI alarm monitoring and it is the preferred method of communication that Premier Security uses with our customers.

Wireless Monitoring

LTE wireless cellular alarm monitoring from Premier Security

LTE cellular alarm monitoring

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