Ladders in the backyard; Not good for home security

Ladders left in backyard are not good for better home security

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Ladders left in the back yard; Not good for home security at all.

We always want our clients to have better home security, so this post is just in case you weren’t thinking this scenario could be a problem. Earlier this week, I activated a homeowner who was burglarized for just this reason. This is not the first time we have activated a security system after a homeowner was burglarized on a second level porch door via a ladder left in the backyard.

The ladder must be like a magnet for the burglar to go ahead with the home invasion. There is no rhyme or reason why the burglar decided to use the ladder to access the home. The burglar totally ignored all basement windows and doors for entry and literally propped the 20 ft ladder up to the second story porch. They then broke the glass on the kitchen door and proceeded to ransack the home. Better home security and how to achieve that is our goal.

The homeowner was on vacation and was unaware of the invasion until his return. The ladder was left in the backyard by the homeowner as he was replacing porch boards and electrical wiring on his second story porch.

These ladders can be heavy and cumbersome, but my recommendation from a home security standpoint is to secure the ladder in your unfinished basement or garage area when not in use. At Premier Security, our technicians have seen or heard the aftermath from seven or eight homeowners over the years on this same type of access for home invasion. Either direct use of the ladder to a second story master bedroom for break-in or access to a second story porch that does not have stairs leading to the ground level. Many homes use some area of the backyard for ladder storage. This is just not going to be a good idea for better home security.

The homeowner with the home invasion did not have an active home security system or any type of camera detection but has installed both since his invasion.

The moral of the story is to move that ladder to a more secure location for better home security and stay safe and secure!

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