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Home Security Systems in Atlanta – Same Rate since 2007

You read that right. We’ve had the same monitoring rate since 2007. That’s over 15 years! We’ve NEVER raised our standard monitoring rate, and no other home security system company in Atlanta can say the same. How do we do it? Premier Security not only provides excellent service with fast response and friendly customer service, we don’t raise our rates. So, our customers are very loyal! We know we will earn their business at their next home, and they’ll tell friends and family.

Phone Line Alarm Monitoring $12.00 monthly

Wireless LTE Alarm Monitoring $21.00 monthly

Wireless LTE Alarm Monitoring + Arm / Disarm App $25.00 monthly

Smart Home and Automation starting at $29.99 monthly

Finally a transparent Atlanta Alarm Company

We don’t hide equipment fees by rolling them into a high monthly rate. At Premier Security we believe the right thing to do is, is to show you the price of the equipment and monitoring rate separately. That way you REALLY know what you’re spending. If you want a home security system installed in Atlanta, we got you!

Alarm system pricing right over the phone.

Don’t you hate it when companies hold pricing hostage for your information, or worse a high-pressure sales pitch in your home or business? At Premier Security we give you the home security system pricing up front, right over the phone. That way you know what to expect, and you can make an informed decision. If your are unsure of your needs or want a security evaluation of your property, we schedule a sales technician to come to your home and provide a no pressure free comprehensive review.

Don’t need all the bells & whistles of Smart Home and Automation?

Already have a system, and just want to use what’s already there? We can use your existing security system, and no contract. Premier Security can take over most common alarm systems by adding our cellular wireless transmitter for a small one-time cost. That way you aren’t paying to completely replace your existing alarm system. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Get your existing home security system in Atlanta activated today. For more information Existing System Activation

use existing home security system

Use or reactivate existing home security devices

“Free alarm systems” are nothing but tricks.

Atlanta and national home alarm companies that offer “free” alarm systems are just hiding the equipment cost in your 3-5-year contract. That equipment is paid for within the first year, but do they lower your rate once it’s paid off? No. You’re stuck at that $60-$90 monthly rate for at least another 2+ years. That forces you to greatly overpay. The rate never drops and most of the time increases! Besides overpaying, what if their service is poor? Too bad, you’re trapped in their contract with a security system that is proprietary or only useable by them. Premier Security only installs security systems that are owned by you from day one. No contracts and the best home security systems in Atlanta!

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