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Many consumers are dropping their traditional home telephone line (POTS) and still have a need for alarm monitoring. The affordability of cell phone use has made this a popular action and the home security system industry has responded to the need for wireless monitoring solutions. The savings to homeowners over the long term can add up to hundreds of dollars a year by switching to wireless monitoring.

Premier Security offers our wireless secure advantage as the perfect solution for our customers’ needs. Universal for all security systems. No phone line is necessary when our technicians install the UPLINK wireless communicator onto the existing or new home security system.

Wireless monitoring provides a more interactive security communication between our 24Hr central station and the homeowner. Typically the wireless communicator is programmed to test into the central station every seven days and our service personnel monitor our customer base looking for that test signal. It gives Premier Security the advantage of being able to contact the customer if there is a potential problem with the unit not checking in. Normal phone line monitoring does not provide this option on every customer, only with specialized monitoring situations and generally at a much higher monitoring fee.

Premier Security offers LTE network communicators specific for the homeowners location and network range. Fast digital response, 24 Hrs a day and never the worry about line cut from a burglar. Wireless secure advantage provides a backup battery in the event of power failure for continues operation. The Premier Security wireless advantage is a full data communicator for zone specific information and targeted dispatch.

With digital fast response, unbeatable pricing and of course No Contract with Premier Security’s monitoring solutions, the question is, what are you waiting for?

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