Ackerman has sold its customers to ADT

ADT buys Ackerman Security customer base

As reported by news organizations, Ackerman Security has sold its customers to the security giant, ADT.  This comes after Ackerman struggled with customer retention, growth, and customer service as evidenced by their weakening Better Business Bureau ratings and increasing negative online reviews. This is a blow to those Ackerman customers who specifically were trying to steer clear of national ADT high price points and customer no service from the large national security company 

The ends an era of extreme sucess for a local Atlanta company that specifically competed against large national companies like ADT. Now that Ackerman Security has sold its customer base to ADT, it leaves many of its customers wondering what is next. Ackerman Security will now be an Authorized dealer for ADT and exclusively sell and install ADT systems and now will no longer be considered a locally owned company but just another wheel in the national mega company. 

Chris Anderson at Premier Security states “We have already seen a surge of interest from former and current Ackerman customers switching to our service due to the sale of Ackerman Security customer accounts to ADT. This acquisition is not going over well with the Ackerman customer base, who were customers of Ackerman Security so that they could be monitored and serviced by a local home security company. Frustrated Ackerman customers who specifically signed up with Ackerman Security to stay away from ADT security due to high rate increases and customer no service will be looking for a new security system provider like Premier Security Inc. I have told many Ackerman customers that have called in, as their contract expires with Ackerman Security, we can easily switch them to our alarm monitoring services. Ackerman Security typically requires a 60 day notice for cancellation and we have a lot of new clients who are on our installation schedule as their contract expires with Ackerman Security. It is a fast seamless process to switch to Premier Security from Ackerman Security and we strive to make that process smooth and easy for new customers.” 

Premier Security Inc, now the #1 local security company servicing the greater Atlanta Georgia area, is a safe place for disgruntled Ackerman customers to turn to.  With our “no contract ” policy and our unbeatable customer service and with the lowest price point in the Atlanta area, Premier Security Inc. is the best option for your home and business security needs. 

Ackerman customers can switch to Premier Security Inc alarm monitoring for no activation cost.  If equipment is required, there are specials specifically for new customers switching to Premier Security from Ackerman Security for both free alarm monitoring and reduced equipment costs.

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